Innovate & Implement

You’ll find it to be entertaining and engaging as well as a solid learning tool. It puts as few as 3 people (but works with an unlimited numbers of players) in a situation where they have to work together in a challenging, time-limited game focused on collaboration and communications.

  • Team building with I&I has the theme of improving the Square Wheels wagon by replacing the 4 Square Wheels with 4 round ones (based on our Square Wheels illustrations)
  • Players use dice to move about the game board uncovering different problems, each requiring a solution.
  • Solving of problems requires an understanding of the processes for movement of resources along with quick thinking and collaboration among the players. It also requires a bit of luck. 
  • The exercise is designed to energize people about making improvements in how their organization works, finding innovative solutions and removing barriers to implementation. 
  • Debriefing focuses on the real issues faced in getting things changed. 
  • The game includes a series of our Square Wheels Toolkits that are proven organizational development tools.


I&I is a fun, stimulating way to play with issues of organizational culture and to create improved collaboration and teamwork.

The game requires each player to:

  • Identify processes to create ideas and to implement them in the workplace.
  • Interact and collaborate with other players on the team to optimize results.
  • Identify the issues that “roadblock” performance and deal with them.


Money Back Guarantee 

I&I and its supporting materials are designed to engage and enlist people and teams in improvement initiatives as good ideas do not automatically get implemented. People need motivation to overcome organizational barriers and cultural issues in order to support and generate change and improvement.