The play of Dutchman is based on a modern-day setting in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona where the real Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine is thought to be located. Outfitted with all the resources needed, teams go on an engaging search for gold from the famous Lost Dutchman's Mine, first discovered by Jacob Waltz in the 1860s and lost since he died in 1892. All the action takes place from their table tops and within the room venue but thanks to a motivating scenario, everyone become part of a challenging adventure. Team size is 5 or 6 people and there is no limit to the number of teams and participants (The game comes in several versions each based on the number of people playing). The exercise focuses on inter-table collaboration as its main outcome. It also links to quality, leadership, systems and policies, communications and planning, performance improvement and other organizational issues. Participants enter the room and take a seat at a table with their other team members. On each tabletop is a colorful game map, a Grub Stake of resource cards, planning tools, job aids and assorted trinkets. Colorful bandanas and cowboy hats are optional but add to the visual impact and energy.

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The Lost Dutchman Game Gives You:                         

  • Serious learning outcomes tightly anchored to real-world behaviors
  • A fun and challenging Corporate Team Building Game
  • A crucial understanding of how Collaboration increases ROI
  • A Powerful Debriefing Opportunity as a tool to improve organizational performance
  • A view into the pivotal role of Leadership in helping teams succeed
  • The benefit of 20 years of continuous design improvement and success
  • One of the leading Team Building Simulations used, worldwide, in all kinds of organizations


Simply Superb! We use this program all over the country with our clients and it is ALWAYS rated as one of the best programs delivered. Works in all types of companies and drives organizations toward Collaboration and Teamwork! The debrief options allow you to fully customize the delivery to any audience. Well designed and easy to deliver. That, combined with all of the knowledge and support of Dr. Scott, and you have the best Team Building simulation out there...BAR NONE!

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In some situations, it makes sense to rent the Lost Dutchman exercise rather than to purchase. The rental version is packaged with all the support and materials you need to deliver Dutchman. It can also be customized by us to meet special needs (this may be at an additional cost depending on the specific needs).